Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Math MSA Study Guide

Unit Test May 29th.

Preparation Guide for
Moving Straight Ahead Unit Test

Essential Learnings - students should know how to:
• Translate information about linear relationships given a table, a graph, or an equation to one of the other forms.
• Solve problems and make decisions about linear relationships using information given in tables, graphs, and equations.

Additionally students should be able to:
  • Construct tables, graphs and symbolic equations.
  • Recognize linear relationships
  • Solve an equation for an unknown.
  • Find x or y when you substitute in the other value in an equation.
  • Find the slope of a line given two points on a line or given an equation.
  • Find point of intersection of two lines given a graph, a table or two equations.
  • Find y-intercept when given an equation.
  • Be able to use and understand the vocabulary terms we have learned in class such as linear relationship, point of intersection, y-intercept, slope, coefficient, rise, run, horizontal, vertical, coordinate pair, etc.

Focus questions/ problems - students should study by reviewing & redoing the following:
  • The packet with 20 practice problems solving for x.
  • These specific sections from the Moving Straight Ahead book; Problem 1.2, Problem 1.3, Problem 3.4, Problem 3.5 & Problem 4.2.
  • The test prep practice sheets from class, Click here to access

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Investigation #3 - Working on Solving Linear Equations

Here is a 20 problem work packet on solving linear equations.  Students should work their way through this and complete it by Monday May 11th.  

Skills #1-20 Review Packet

Here is the link to the #1-20 Review Packet.  You do not have to complete every problem, but be sure to complete problems and check them in sections where you are having trouble.  

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Investigation 3 - Solving Equations

In this Investigation the students are looking at working with and solving linear equations.

Essential Questions:
1. How are the coordinates of a point on a line or table related to the equation of a line?
2. What does equality mean?
3. How can the properties of equality be used to solve linear equations?

Here are the notes from Inv 3.2 showing the exploration of equalities.  In the notes we show two methods to solve for an unknown variable (visual and mathematical).

Click here to access the notes.